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Indiana Jones 5 Is Happening, Here’s The Latest

Indiana Jones 5 is apparently finally going to happen, after several years of false starts, bogus rumors and alleged new casting announcements. And it looks like it’s cinematographer Janusz Kaminski we have to thank for having a part in revealing that production on the fifth installment to the beloved franchise could soon become a reality.

During a Variety expose on his career, it was flippantly reveled that Kaminski’s “next project is the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones movie.” While this appears to have been thrown in to the article as almost a last thought, Indiana Jones devotees quickly latched on to the revelation, taking it as indication that the fifth film has finally been announced, and that we can all finally try to move on from the cinematic nightmare that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Harsh I know, but fair.

It’s been over six months since the latest rumors regarding an Indiana Jones 5 were circulated. At the time it was suggested that a young-upstart would replace Harrison Ford in the iconic role, and the likes of Bradley Cooper and Robert Pattinson were suggested as possible replacements for the world’s most famous archaeologist. Cooper would get my vote, but it would be with a heavy heart.

While it’s almost impossible to picture anybody else other than Harrison Ford wearing Indy’s infamous fedora and carrying his whip, it kind of would make sense if The FugitiveAmerican Graffiti and Star Wars actor graciously stepped aside to let someone else have a crack at the part. There was even a time when it was teased that the series could be completely refashioned in the mold of James Bond so that a younger audience could fall in love with the characters, exotic locations and daring missions to unearth the myriad of hidden treasures that are dotted around the globe. Personally, I wouldn’t want to see Ford’s Jones completely eradicated from the series. Surely there would be a place for him to advise and assist a young protégé, who hopefully isn’t as annoying, or as likely to swing from trees, as Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt Williams.

But as he is 72-years-old, and currently in the midst of reprising his role as Han Solo for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII, one could easily see Ford declaring that it’s time to pass the torch. Back in March it was reported that a date is already in mind for Indiana Jones 5, and that there are plans for Ford to be included. However, if the film wasn’t moving forward by that point, the rumor said that the studio could recast a younger Dr. Jones and start working on a whole new trilogy.

Will Harrison Ford return? What about Shia LaBeouf or Karen Allen? How will much will Steven Spielberg and George Lucas be involved? None of that is important right now. All that we know is that Indiana Jones 5 is apparently happening. Let’s just celebrate that fact for the time being, and consider the nuts and bolts of the comeback later.

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